The object of painting is to represent concretely our most subtle emotions.

A masterful painting is one that gets just the response that you want it to get.

We don’t get to choose what to paint, you know. It just comes into your mind and then you just have to do it.

Nature is an awareness of the perfection of our minds. When we see beauty, it is with the awareness of the perfection in our minds. So that–that is really the miracle of existence, that we are able to recognize perfection in beauty.

Beauty and perfection are the same. They never occur without happiness.

Advice for artists? What I’m anxious for everyone to do is to recognize their mind telling them to do things, recognize inspiration, and not be influenced by anybody. And not to look for help or look for expert opinion or not to be like anyone else.

I found these quotes in the Oral History interview with Agnes Martin at the Archives of American Art. Years ago I made a visit to the AAA, near where the former post office was being transformed into the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Once inside the AAA, I was too shy to do more than look. Who was I, a lowly artist? I am so happy their interviews are available online without asking for permission.

Christmas week I started a new study without anyone’s expert opinion, either, and I am even happier about that. Agnes Martin’s biography waits for me on Kindle.