Meaning and Purpose: Chapter 18

In his Foreword to Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind (1987), Saul Bellow reminds us, “In the greatest confusion there is still an open channel to the soul. It may be difficult to find because by midlife it is overgrown, and some of the wildest thickets that surround it grow out of what we describe as our education. But the channel is always there, and it is our business to keep it open, to have access to the deepest part of ourselves.”

As representational artists, are we addressing the truly important issues of human existence? What is your creative response to the dilemmas with which we all live? What do you have to say about

Primavera, c. 1478, Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filepeppi) (1444/5-1510), Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy, Bridgeman Images

–how fleeting life is–

The Penitent Magdalen, c. 1640, Georges de la Tour (1593-1652), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA, Bridgeman Images


–how inevitable death.